Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Lap Full of Happy

My most recent clothing work may be the closest that the Shell Game part of my practice has come to the painting part.  I purchased this dress from H&M:
And because I've been preoccupied lately with wanting to make images that look lovingly at their audience, I added this group of smilers to the underskirt:
Although populated by different people, this is a very similar set up to the large oil painting that I'm currently working on.  In fact, the background from the source photo for this one (which I omitted on the underskirt), is the background that I'm using for the large work.  Here's the above painting in context:
As I selected this dress, and then waited in a very long line, I imagined putting figures at the bottom of the underskirt, atop the hemline, but when actually purchasing I realized that that spot was where the electronic theft-prevention thing had been clipped.  Assuming the clip would be re-attached after the piece was returned, here was yet another way that my alteration could potentially be found before returning to the racks.  So I opted for lap placement instead, which also has a certain suggestiveness to it.

I hope that I placed it high enough to avoid detection.  This painting is the most involved figurative intervention that I've done.  What do you think - good direction to head in, or should I focus on more structural/sculptural additions?


  1. You're such a rebel! I love it Miss B!
    And the painting is great (the two on the left I recognize instantly).

  2. I think someone is going to be thrilled/curious about discovering the alteration regardless of whether it's painting or something more structural. ONly if you were to do the same kind of alterations over and over again would those following your blog get bored. I doubt that you will do this.

  3. Is it odd that the first one I recognized was was Mike? I think yes. But I do like so many people happy on a lap...take endearing to that fine line with pervy.