Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grocery Store Gardening

I'd been meaning, for quite some time, to participate in Planting Seeds, a shopdropping project of bay area artist Hang Nguyen.  Nguyen makes whimsical mock-fruit-stickers, and sends them out upon request for others to leave on grocery store produce world-wide.

I received my stickers in the mail a little while back, and finally took them out for a jaunt while shopping at Fairway, in Brooklyn:

The produce section was pretty congested so I did not manage to use up all my stickers, but I made a dent:

Too literal?  I may not have been considering placement all that carefully.  It was fun, though, to participate in someone else's art project, and nice to do some shopdropping that did not make me as nervous as returning my altered clothing does...

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  1. I hope you share this blog entry with the artist!