Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silly Guess Pants

I chose these high-waisted cropped-leg harem-pants from Guess for my latest Shell Game alteration, based both on the strength of their over-all silliness, and the fact that they have pockets:

(I forgot that I've decided numerous previous times to stop buying black clothing for Shell Game, because the photos never turn out well.)

I also didn't know that Guess' return policy was so arcane.  They will only refund cash with a check sent by mail.  Since I'm trying to stay as under the retail radar as possible on this one, I think these pants are going to be added to the pile of clothing that I've altered and been unable to return - a pile I am saving to display alongside the documentary photographs, in a currently purely theoretical exhibition of this piece.

Here are the pants, after I altered them, turned inside out:

Pretty mundane, huh?  At least until you look under the pocket:

I had intended to use full color for this, but I found that I quite liked how I could build the image on the black cloth, simply by adding layers and thicknesses of the white gesso.  Here's a better look at the image:
It is my first truly figurative addition to an article of clothing.  I decided that a reminder of silly, high-waisted pants of yesteryear, was an appropriate intrusion on this particular garment.

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