Friday, April 23, 2010

Done with Grandma

Well, I'm not really done with Grandma, of course.  She seems, in fact, to be a surprisingly persistent muse, and I am even currently working on one other Grandma-related piece: the serial post-it note story of grandma/granddaughter road-trip that I've been inserting into library books...

But I'm done with Grandma in Brush.  Here's one last process shot:

I was pretty nervous after adding that bright minty green to the foreground.  But now that the painting is complete, I think I'm happy with the final product:

This is the first painting in a long time on which I've used more brush than palette knife, and I was evidently having fun with the brush strokes.  I was thinking about David Hockney's recent work a bit, and also a little about Laura Owens, although the end result is pretty dissimilar.  Here are a few detail shots:


  1. I like it, though it unsettles me a bit because I expect some subversive note...a hint of mental imbalance, or a voyeuristic intrusion or something, and I can't find one...which just means Grandma must be staring at me for some unsettling reason...

  2. For me, the narrative impulse in this painting is more driven by technique than by detail of subject matter. I wanted Grandma to be a figure that is not a weak one, and yet is still outmatched and somewhat overwhelmed by her surroundings.

  3. Very few paintings have enough minty-freshnesses in them these days. I really think this painting is one of your best at showing off your skills.