Monday, April 12, 2010

More Parasitic Story: Carson McCullers

I've just finished the third segment of my book-jumping serial post-it project.  I've added a little slice of Phyllis narrative to Carson McCullers' slim but lovely The Member of the Wedding:
Since McCullers' story is one of youth grappling with being young, I thought an addition of the elderly grappling with being old created a nice symmetry.
 I'm still having difficulty with the task I assigned myself of creating a story that jumps from book to book, and so functions both in discrete clusters and also as an ongoing tale.  I've become convinced that no one who finds one segment of the work will put in the effort, and have the luck required, to find the next segment.  But part of me still likes that this is a theoretical possibility - that the piece could lead to a sort of cross-book scavenger hunt, however unlikely it is to actually unfold that way.
And meanwhile I'm becoming a Times-New-Roman-drawing machine.

Scans of my additions to Carson McCullers' book are available here, in three parts: one, two, three. It's been split up because I used a new scanning method, which resulted in a larger than usual file size.


  1. I found a typo. on page 40, the chill was "to deep" instead of "too deep". I don't know if this is intentional, but I hope it is. Makes me think a lot about the human/machine dichotomy of your font-drawing.

    Your writing voice is so brilliant. I want a B. Lee Novel!