Monday, April 5, 2010

Detour Posted: A Foray Into Public Art

I've spent the past week or so on a bit of a painting detour - making a couple of pieces to illustrate a proposal I submitted in response for a call for works designed to be installed on a construction fence.  The paintings are on wood panels, and draw heavily upon the materials endemic to plywood construction fences: pasted, torn and stapled posters and notices:
The bird silhouettes, for example, are made of little stapled fragments of torn magazine and newsprint.

This one used a lot of razorblading and sanding, as well as tearing and painting over the collaged elements:
The paintings were fun to make, although the submission itself called for such low quality photos, that I am concerned they won't come accross properly.  But on the plus side, I've become adept at making wheat paste.


  1. I really like the top one - can we get a close up shot of that texture? The bottom one I think is so close to being able to look like ripples in liquid that I am disappointed by its target resemblance, but I still like it overall.

  2. I'll post close up shots soon - thanks for asking!

    As far as the bottom one goes, I was trying for an abstract sun with the concentric circles, but agree that it came out unfortunately resembling a target.

  3. Was there a place to reference your blog in the application? Don't be shy, let them see how all your work collectively makes you awesome!