Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People with Problems

I have just returned another post-it note book, The Paris Review Book of People with Problems. At the suggestion of a friend, this time around the post-it notes that I added were not drawn in Times New Roman, but instead rendered to appear as if they were actual notes to ones self, accidentally left in the library book. I scrawled them quickly and cryptically, and doodled on many of them as I do most notes that I write to myself.

Some of the notes are basically description and scene setting - most of these are the sort of notes written as reminders of professional tasks, little to-do lists, etc. - and exist as an armature for more personal notes, which are mostly things like phone numbers, addresses, shopping lists, etc.

The personal notes are intended to work as the narrative arc of the story, although I am not sure that the intended narrative comes through at all, given how much is written as I actually write notes: with the bare minimum of information required. If you give it a read, let me know what you make of it. As usual, the full PDF for the post-its that I added to The Paris Review Book of People with Problems is here.


  1. While an interesting experiment, I deinitely wasn't able to follow anarrative. I do also find encountering notes in books etc. very interesting, and the idea of fabricating a character through them seems feasible, and also a fun way to make the reader excercise imagination, but rather a different animal than your other post it books.

  2. That is a completely awesome idea. Gotta try it.