Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Fun With Sticky

I decided to make a larger version of the little canvasless paintings that I had been making and occasionally sewing into clothing recently.

To do this, I spread a large layer of acrylic gel medium over a glass table top, placed colorful scrapings of old paint from my palette (also, a little confetti here and there) in the wet gel medium and let it dry, then put down another layer of gel medium on top.

The medium is white to start with, but turns clear and glossy as it dries. Once it's fully dried it can be peeled off the the glass.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I've considered stretching it over stretcher bars, cutting it up to make jewelry or other crafts, or using pieces of it for more clothing insertions, covering an older unloved painting with this painting like a shroud, or tacking it to the wall as is. This is one of those times when I make something just to make it, and whether any art that I am particularly happy with will ever come out of it is entirely unknown.

One fun property of these all-medium paintings is that when dry they still adhere to glass, like a giant color-form. I tried mine out on the window, but feel like it would need to fill the whole frame to really look right there.

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