Monday, March 2, 2009

Green Dress from H&M

I bought a new dress for Shell Game, though I don't know yet exactly how I intend to alter it. I think the bright color may have seduced me a bit, because the dress does not have the sort of hiding places that I usually look for: pockets or underskirts or other lining.

The aim, as usual, is to alter the dress in a surprising and intriguing manner - a manner that takes is from utilitarian or fashion object to art object. Sometimes I do this by erring more toward the language of fashion, as when adding migratory shoulder pads, vestigial zippers, or elongated pockets. Sometimes I cleave more toward the language of art, by painting on underskirts, or adding little abstract paintings that can be sewn into the seams or lining.

Here's one such alteration of tiny paintings that I sewed into the sleeve of a shirt a while back. I'll probably use a similar sort of tactic with the new dress.

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