Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time Lapse: Step-By-Step Painting Construction

I've been meaning to post process shots of a few of my older paintings that I thoroughly documented while in progress, and since this last week has mostly been activity not worth reporting, it seems as good a time as any.  I always find it interesting to see how paintings actually develop - the way that color, layering and composition change over time.  Here is how I constructed my painting, The Party-goers:
Since my paintings are often inspired by a narative situation or moment, I almost always have all composition and imagery in mind when I start a piece. Colors, textures, and details may vary, but the arrangement of shapes stays the same throughout. Because of this, I basically end up making huge coloring books for myself - a process which is, as far as I can tell, somewhat unusual, and perhaps more constricting than it ought to be, but it is what feels natural to me.


  1. It's so weird recognizing (or thinking I recognize) people I know in your paintings. When do I get to be in one?

  2. If you think that you recognize Elika, then you are correct. Given my recent interests, sending me a picture of yourself looking lovingly at the viewer/me would be a good step toward a painting cameo...

  3. Coloring book eh... you like books.... you like color.... perhaps you have you have something there. . .