Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey Beautiful

I've just about finished my smiling people painting, which I've taken to calling Hey Beautiful.  I may go back and do a few touch ups here and there, but for the most part, I feel done with it.  Here are some process shots as well as the final one, the lowest on the page being the most recent:


  1. hooray! I like it! Also I want to commission two pieces from you: 1) a group of people out at (family style)dinner, with everyone arranged around a series of last bites, and an array of looks, awkward, desiring, etc.
    2)A set of chairs that are statues of people so you can sit in their laps. PLEASE? I'm thinking MJ, Lincoln, Santa and perhaps...Buddha? Queen Elizabeth? The pope? What other classic sitters are there?

  2. Ooh... I like the first one. Any particular moment of inspiration on that one?

    Although given my current, possibly folly-ful (now a word) interest in paintings that attempt a narrative interaction with a viewer, maybe the next painting should be someone hunched over the last bite of a piece of cake, daring the viewer to try to take it... (And yes, when you say family style dinner, I assume that you mean a table full of cakes...)

    The second one also sounds fertile, but way beyond my skill set.