Sunday, August 30, 2009

Muses Wanted

Now that I've finished the eavesdropping painting, I've got a blank canvas staring at me, and need to figure out what to paint next.

I'm sort of in the mood to do a crowd scene, but no particular scene is calling to me. I've done a couple of crowd paintings in the past. Both deal with an individual who is in a crowd, but for some reason separate.

There was The Party Goers:

And, the rather uninspiredly titled, Crowd:

So, anyone got any ideas for the next one? (I'm unlikely to ever use them, but you never know what will lead somewhere.)


  1. Dawn requests a painting of her. I think that could be a very interesting piece... but not very crowdy...seems like you should have crowd inspiration aplenty in your immediate environs.

  2. How about a crowd of students? In my classroom.

    At first glance, I thought that photo of the blank canvas was a painting. I guess because a painting was what I was expecting to see.

    The other night, I had a dream that you, Christie, Patrick, and I were all in a museum together. I mean, looking at art there, not being on display in the museum.

    What about painting a crowd in a museum?

  3. Send me a painting of your classroom crowd, and we'll see if I get inspired...

  4. How about a crowd reacting to something either subversive or retarded, or maybe with the general expression of "really? did he really just say/do that?"