Thursday, April 16, 2009


This evening's project is working on writing the story that I will soon be drawing onto post-it notes and sticking into the library copy of Joshua Ferris's Then We Came to the End. I'm a little bit stuck, as it were, on what to call the piece in general. I've been going with Post-it Books so far but don't particularly like that title. Here is what I've come up with so far, in the way of other naming options:

- Sticky Note Books - It's like Post-it Books, but without all the product-placement...

- Parasite Stories - Except that they really aren't parasitic so much as symbiotic, which brings me to:

- Lichen Books - Which the dork in me is drawn to because when said aloud it sounds like "likin' books", and implies a more organic synthesis of original book and added story, but may not make sense to those who were not raised by a lichen enthusiast?

- Story Books - Simple, but perhaps overly so.

Any suggestions? Votes?


  1. Sticky Sheets.
    Stuck Pages.
    Sticky Pages.

    Oh so many fun combinations.

  2. I like Sticky Pages.

    What about Stick-On Stories? (Like Press-On Nails?)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys (and feel free to keep them coming). Perhaps I'll have to start rotating usage to see what feels most appropriate.

    The "Sticky Sheets" idea makes me want to do an entire sub-project dealing with romance novels. Which is actually a pretty fun idea, even aside from having a ready made title for it.

    One of the things that is a little conflicted about this project is that although I so far have only been dealing with books that I like and respect, it might actually be a more interesting piece to insert stories into books that aren't so good on their own. But then I'd have to read a lot of garbage.

  4. Obviously I support Lichen, but I don't really count for new ideas, now do I?