Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grey Banana Republic Skirt

I was so happy with my last Shell Game alteration, which used an old slide of one of my paintings, removed from its casing and sewn into an underskirt, that I decided to do something similar to the pocket of this skirt from Banana Republic.

I went through my old slides, and soon realized that I had so many that I wanted to use, that I could easily stop doing other kinds of alterations altogether, and start just adding slides to things.

To resist this temptation I decided to glut myself on slide additions for this one skirt.  I sewed as many as I could fit to the underside of one of the pockets.  (To the left are photos of what the skirt looked like, turned inside-out, after I added the slides, with the pocket pinned back)

When I returned it, the salesperson who handled the transaction was very concerned about my experience with it.  It went something like:

Salesperson: Why are you returning this?

Me: Oh, uh, it didn't fit.

Salesperson: What was wrong with it?

Me: It wasn't the right size.  I didn't try it on before buying it.

Salesperson:  Oh, I'm just asking because I had the same problem with this skirt. It looked really cute, but didn't fit like the tan one.  Did you get the tan one?

Me: No...

Salesperson: I had the tan one, but it was sized differently, and this one bunched a bit in here.

Me: Oh, that's weird.

Salesperson (looking at the receipt): Oh and you just got it!

And so on.  Apparently my attempts at showing genuine interest in the fit of the skirt were unconvincing, because I looked back from outside the store as I left, and saw her hold the skirt up to the light for scrutiny.  She didn't turn it inside out and flip the pockets, though.

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  1. Perhaps you could consider altering the care instructions on these so that nobody puts your slides in the dryer.