Friday, January 1, 2010

Grandma in Brush

Although it is not a crowd scene in the way I'd earlier envisioned, I finally started painting the long-prepped canvas I'd been neglecting since, what, September?

Christmas with the family got me thinking about my grandma, a subject I've painted on multiple previous occasions. In this 48" x 60" painting she will be enveloped in a crowding riot of flowers. Below are a few process shots.

I started the painting last night, largely as a way of entering the new year on a productive note. I'm surprisingly happy with what I've done so far - all work that I had intended to be under-painting, but to which I am now growing attached. It has me thinking that I should temper my use of palette knife with more brushwork this time around, and not just for the sake of puns.


  1. I like it. She looks surprisingly knowing ...or sardonic even? But she also looks like a grandma.

  2. How am I missing this pun you speak of?
    I'm all in favor for varied painting techniques as well as surfaces.
    Your grandmother is a very intriguing muse.