Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charles Dickens and An Attempt at To Be Continued

I feel like I need a new graphic for my posts about my sticky-note stories. One image of text on a post-it in front of text looks much like another. I did like how this one was interloping below "Interlopers" though.

I've just returned my latest sticky-note story to the library, pressed between the pages of Bleak House, A sprawling coming-of-age-ish novel by Charles Dickens.

In the spirit of Dickens' novels, which generally appeared in newspapers in serial form, I decided that this story would be a serial one, spanning several library books. At the end of the book I made a "To be continued" sticky-note:

Which means that I'm committed to this story being at least a two-parter, even though I've had a rather difficult time even getting out part 1, which you can find here, should you be interested. Let me know - do you think it deserves much in the way of continuation?


  1. Well, I think itdefinitely needs another part, but since you did a nice job of making it very unclear what WILL happen next, and left me with plenty of questions about both characters I'm not sure how much will be resolved in 1 installment. Organizationally speaking I think it makes sense not to spread it over too many books, as the likelihood of story interruption then increases. I am interested to know WHY Maddie thinks a road trip with her grandmother seems like a good idea - I can see the surface appeal, but the looming practical concerns seem like she must have some more serious reason, or some serious roadtrip romanticization. And why does Phyllis agree to go? Where are her immediate kids in the story?

  2. As much as I hate reading, I often find myself to read more when there is a two-parter.