Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Genre Explored

I happened, quite by accident, upon this website the other day:

Which contains a collection of stories illustrated by Arthur Jones with drawings on post-it notes. This piqued my interest for what else is being done in the post-it note genre. A few google searches revealed:

The emphasis for both of the above seems to be on post-its as a way of limiting word count, and perhaps as a way of disrupting the feeling of preciousness that can make writing difficult.

And here's a visual post-its piece at UCSC that uses the sticky squares as pixels:

Here's a really odd office supply website (there is a version of lolcatz done with chairs that I kept finding in various connected pages) that has posted a nice collection of mosaics made out of post-its.

Oh, and wait, here is yet another cool Web Urbanist post that has quite a few nice examples of Mosaic type works:

I have yet to find any pieces displayed or referenced that seem very close to my post-it note books in concept or execution, which makes me happy in that way that I probably should try to rise above or something.


  1. Are you worried that you are unoriginal? Your originality shines in the details!

  2. Thanks! It's just that there's nothing quite like wandering the internet to make one feel redundant sometimes...

  3. I read this article "Titles Within a Tale" about "invisible libraries" in the NYT the other day, and it made me think of your project.